• Pumpkin bun with cheese

    A fresh roll with fresh tomatoes and cucumber together with pumpkin seeds is an elixir of health – full of vitamins and nutrients that give your body everything it needs.

  • Ciabatta with olives

    Fresh ciabatta combined with bold black olives and Balkan cheese is ideal for satisfying your hunger when you’re on the go.

  • Croissant with cheese

    A French classic, perfectly fresh and crispy, with a delightful flavour, filled with gouda, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Ideal with coffee or tea.

  • Chicken tortilla

    Tortilla filled with chunks of chicken breast, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and blue cheese. A lot of fresh ingredients conveniently packaged to fit in your hand.

    BEN-ProduktovaStranka-TORTILY-1920x843-NEW Visačka
  • Ham baguette

    French baguette with ham, fresh vegetables and pickles.Always fresh in our shop.

    BEN-ProduktovaStranka-BAGETY-1920x843-3 Visačka
  • Mega Coffee

    To us, “mega” means making everything double: double portion of beans, double water, double milk. Cup: (100% energy: Use a large coffee to fill up your energy to maximum.)

  • Mega hot dog

    With average weight of about 220g, this hot dog is a 60% bigger portion compared to a standard one.

    mega_hot_dog Visačka
  • Hotdog

    Sausages are about 90% meat. It’s your choice: you can choose from eight flavours of sausages, and various types of sauces: ketchup, mustard, horseradish, Belgic or pepper!

    hotdog Visačka
  • Belgian sauce

  • Barbecue Sauce

  • Omáčka Belgická

  • Mustard

  • Ketchup

  • Horseradish Sauce

  • Mexican Sauce

  • Tea

    We offer a specific tea for every season of the year.

  • Smoked meat baguette

    Dark baguette with smoked meat, pickles and horseradish dressing. Always fresh in our shop.

  • Vanilla Ice Coffee

    Ice coffee with vanilla flavour in an eco-friendly package which you can bring on your trips with you. Bon voyage!

  • Ice coffee latte

    Ice coffee with latte flavour in an eco-friendly package which you can bring on your trips with you. Bon voyage!

  • Cheesecake

    Traditional light cottage cheese on a crispy crust. Feel sweet.

  • Chocolate cake

    Yummy chocolate crust with cream on top with chocolate chunks. Chocolate is just the sweetest thing.

  • Ham croissant

    Light butter croissant filled with ham, smoked cheese, lettuce and tomato. Have a snack in our shop.

  • Cacao Milka

    Cacao milka is stir in warm milk to warms everybody up. Try this sweet inspiration with no caffeine for a change.

  • Stracciatella Muffin

    Fluffy dough with sweet chocolate and vanilla aroma. Enjoy your sweet ride.

  • Chocolate Muffin

    Fluffy chocolate dough with sweet cacao and chocolate pieces. Enjoy your sweet ride.

  • Chicken Panini

    Panini filled with chicken meat, smoked cheese and barbecue sauce. Have a warm and fresh snack!

    panini-kure Visačka
  • Ham Panini

    Panini filled with ham, fresh tomatoes, blue cheese and arugula. Have a warm and fresh snack!

    panini-sunka Visačka
  • Zapiekanka Margherita

    Ciabatta with a tomato base and mushrooms with cheese. Come to have a bite!

    BEN-ProduktovaStranka-ZAPEKANKY-1920x843_marg Visačka
  • Zapiekanka Pepperoni

    Ciabatta with a tomato base and mushrooms, salami and red pepper with cheese. Come to have a bite!

    BEN-ProduktovaStranka-ZAPEKANKY-1920x843 Visačka
  • Mocha

    Espresso with milk, milk foam and cocoa. Strong and sweet at the same time!

  • Latte

    Espresso with a big amount of delicious milk.Strong and mild at the same time.

  • Cappuccino

    Strong espresso with milk and milk foam.Strong and incredibly tasty at the same time.

  • Coffee with milk

    Strong espresso and mild milk. Make your life sweet and simple.

  • Black coffee

    100% coffee taste. That’s what counts.

  • Espresso

    Our espresso combines a full aroma with the smooth taste of coffee. Only we prepare it from 12 grams of coffee. If it’s not enough for you, just try our Mega coffee, which is prepared from 24 grams coffee and love.

    espresso Visačka
  • Fruit Donut

    Fluffy donut filled with forest fruit jam and sprinkled with sugar. It’s waiting for you at our shop!

  • Nougat Donut

    Fluffy donut filled with nougat made from chocolate and hazelnuts. Sprinkled with sugar. It’s waiting for you at our shop!

  • Apple Strudel

    Strudel filled with apples, cinnamon and raisins and sprinkled with sugar.

  • Strudel with Curd

    Strudel made from puff pastry with light curd filling and raisins.

  • Pudding Square

    Square of butter dough filled with vanilla pudding and sprinkled with raisins. Fresh daily!

  • Curd Grid with Blueberries

    Light dough filled with curd and blueberries. Fresh daily!

  • Chocolate Pie

    Soft dough filled with chocolate. Fresh daily!

  • Cherry Pie

    Pie made from puff pastry filled with cherries and sprinkled with burned sugar. Fresh daily!

  • Apricot Pie

    Pie made from puff pastry filled with apricots and sprinkled with burned sugar. Fresh daily!

  • Apple Pie

    Pie made from puff pastry filled with apples and sprinkled with burned sugar. Fresh daily!

  • Pecan Plait

    Plait of puff pastry filled with pecan nuts with maple syrup on top. Fresh daily!

  • Sweet Cream Balls

    Small pastry filled with sweet milk cream. With some coffee it’s an ideal combination!

  • Butter croissant

    A light butter croissant for every occasion.

  • Chicken baguette

    Dark baguette with grilled chunks of chicken meat, tomatoes, Belgian sauce and lettuce.Always fresh in our shop.

  • Small baguette

    Classic small baguette filled with fresh vegetables, salami and mustard dressing. Always fresh in our shop.