Do you know what you eat?

Food gives you energy, important vitamins and minerals as well as a good mood.

Fresh fruit

For our products we use only fresh fruit to offer you the quality you deserve. For us, that is the most important thing.


Our espresso combines a full aroma with the smooth taste of coffe. Only we prepare it from 12 grams of coffeee. If it's not enough for you, just try our Mega coffee, which is preprared from 24 grams coffee and love.


Only we prepare fresh pastry every day. Only this way does it stay fresh and tasty anytime you feel like having a bite.


Quality cheese from the best milk. Let yourself feel the taste to its fullest.


Daily fresh vegetables full of much needed vitamins are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.


Our meat has the highest quality possible. Have a bite from our hot dog, which has up to 90% meat in it. It's tasty and healthy at the same time.