Coffee: our specialty

Mixture of Arabica and Robust created just for the STOP CAFE brand creates an ideal combination for a significant aroma and a balanced taste.

What is Fairtrade?

A system of standards for independently evaluating products based on the needs of their suppliers. For us, it's Fairtrade Česko a Slovensko.

What Fair Trade makes happen?

Frairtrade offers the possibility to live out of your work under good working conditions to the supplier of the land of the global south. They profit from not only a fair atitude but from a social support as well.

The goal of the project

Offering equal trade conditions and strenghtening of the ethical rules of trade.>

Whom am I helping?

If you decide to go with Fair Trade, you support all the suppliers from the lands of the global south and you give them a chance to live under better conditions.

What I get from this

Good feeling from helping to small coffee farmers.